English — Joey Juschka

Unfortunately, there is no full English version of my website yet. Still, here are some texts in English for you:

  • a poemLanguage Not Body
  • a link – a text I wrote (or rather queered-up some)
  • a list – short stories/ poems of mine that were published in English

– a poem –

Language Not Body

People ask me
About me and my lover
(For we are of different nations)
What language do you talk with each other?
And I say,
Whichever feels best between us,
Whichever works best.
That’s what we do.

And people ask me
About me and my body
(For we are of unique shape and appearance)
What gender are you?
Man or woman,
Female or male?
And sometimes they add,
Or transsexual?

And when they do this-
When they offer three genders,
Not two
But three-
Then they are mighty proud of themselves.
(Or they aren’t)
So they ask,
(Or they don’t)
And I answer,
(Or I don’t)
What gender are you?

And I say,
Whichever feels best.
And I answer,
Between me and myself,
And I say,
Whichever feels right,
I say,
To me and my lover.
This is my gender,
You see.

– a link –

A queer text. A queered text, rather.

Queerness / Squatting

Click on the small text to the left to enlarge and read and learn how to queer squatting. Or to squat houses being queer. Or both at the same time – as at the 0815 Plush Zentrale in London, 2002.


For more info and some visual input of 0815 Plush Zentrale, see Rückblick.

– a list –

Short stories/ poems published in English so far:

  • „Language“, short story, in Frenzy, Cleis Press, San Francisco, USA, 2008


    „A mere half-page, put a packed one.“ — Liz Langley, in „The Naked Reader Book Club: Spontaneous Sexual Combustion“, July 5, 2010

  • „Dear Mom“, short story, in Slit (2/2002), queer feminist magazine, Sydney, Australia, 2002

„einen Blick für etwas haben“: etwas einschätzen/ beurteilen können, etwas erkennen